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3565 Hoffman Dr NW

PO Box 649

Owatonna, MN 55060

Phone (507) 455-0636/800-988-7719

Fax (507) 455-3542



Acer: Milling Machines, Surface Grinders, Engine Lathes

Acme Bushing: Drill Bushings, Gun Drill Bushings, Tool Holder Bushings

Amada Sawblades: Sawblades, Saws

Brubaker Tool: Taps, Endmill, Counterbores

Canela: Turning Holders, Boring Bars, Indexable Tooling

Clausing Industrial: Drill Presses, Saws

Command Tooling: CNC Tool Holders and Collets

Collis Tool Holder Corp: Collect Chucks, Tool Holders Extensions

Conical: Tapered Endmills

Dake: Presses, Bandsaws, Cold Saws

Dillon Manufacturing Inc: Chuck Jaws

Dorian Tool: Tool Holders, Knurling Products

Dumont: Broaches

Earth Chain: Hoists, Lifting Magnets

Fagor: Digital Readouts

Huot: Cutting Tool Storage

Huron: Chuck Jaws

Internal Tool: For hard to find solid cutting tools for internal applications

Jet: Hoists, Bandsaws, Engine Lathes, Milling Machines, Drill Presses, Metal Forming Equipment

K-Tool, Inc
: Indexable Tooling

Kalamazoo Industries
: Belt Sanders, Disc Sanders, 5C Collet Fixtures

KMT Saws: Circular Cold Saw, Horizontal Bandsaw

KEO Cutters: Centerdrills, Keyway Cutters

Korloy: Turning Inserts, Milling Inserts, Indexable Tooling

LFA Chucks: Drill Chucks & Accessories

Lexington Cutter: Carbide Tipped Drills, Reamers, Milling Cutters, Port Contour Cutters

Melin: Carbide, HSS & Powdered Metal Endmills, Carbide Burrs & Threadmills, Countersinks

Meyer Gage: Gage Pins, Ring & Plug Gage

MIFCO: Heat Treat Furnaces

Mitutoyo: Measuring Equipment

Monster Tool: Carbide Endmills, Drills, Reamers, Spade Drills, Burrs & Blanks

Morse: Drills, Counterbores, Countersinks, Taps, Endmills, Carbide Thread Mills

North American: Taps, Special Taps, Ring and Plug Gages

Pacific Abrasive: Belts, Discs

Peerless Saws: Saws

Phase II Metrology Group: Hardness Testers, Thickness Gages, Measuring Tools

Pratt Burnerd: Collet Chucks, Power Chucks, Collets

Procunier: Tapping Heads

Richards Micro Tool: Miniature Endmills, Micro Drills, Specialty Cutting Tools

Roentgen: Sawblades

Royal Products: Live and Dead Centers, Filtermist

Slide Products: Mold Releases, Mold Cleaners, Purging Compounds, Rust Preventatives, Lubricants

Sowa Tool: Collets, CNC, Cat 40, Cat50 Tool Holders

SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments): Calipers, Micrometers, Inspection Equipment

Spartan Chemical: IPG Coolants-Cutter EXP HW, The Grinder, The Cleaner, SynSpar GP

TECO: Material Holding

Tool-Flo: Indexable Toollong, Threading Holder

Towerleaf: Sawblades

Ultra-Dex USA: Indexable Tools, Boring Bars

Vermont Gage: Gage Pins, Ring & Plug Gages

W.F. Wells: Twin Column Bandsaws

YG-1: Spade Drill Holders, Spade Drills, Carbide Dream Drills, Cutting Tools

Zebra Skimmers: Coolant Skimmers